Who is a Muslim?

What is a Muslim

What is a diversity,
tolerance and freedom
of thought?

Jinnah's Vision


WE EMBRACE the vision of a Muslim Community, which promotes the values
of Quran and Sunnah in our society and help in creating an environment free
from fear, prejudice and favoritism, where everyone can live without
discrimination and equitably share the resources of the land.

We commit ourselves to encourage respect for diversity , tolerance and
freedom of thought so that life, property and religious beliefs of all the citizens
are fully protected, as envisioned by the founder of Pakistan.


The mission of this website is to serve as a:

  • channel to spread the wisdom of Quran & Sunnah;
  • forum to promote community dialogue that seeks consensus on how
    this wisdom provides a ideological framework for Muslim Community
    and the goals of moral, social, and economic uplift of Muslims ;
  • beacon to inspire individuals to join and develop Muslim communities
    and mobilize resources to achieve the above goals.