Core Values

Values are the principles and moral standards of our community. We believe
that our values are the foundation of our community [9:109] and an integral
ingredient in our success, both in our day-to-day operations and longer term
strategy. By identifying our core values and announcing them, we are saying,

"We are accountable for our behavior. This is what we stand for and this is
how we will behave in all our activities.”

Community building is an evolutionary process [48.29] and in this process our
values create a strong bond of friendship and cooperation between our
members that grow with time and promote a culture of Giving [8:63].

The following are our core values and we believe we should incorporate them
as anchor points in every decision we make:

  • We follow the tradition of voluntary spirit and do not expect any
    rewards for our efforts [6:90]
  • We believe in treating every human being with honor and dignity [17:
  • We believe that there is no compulsion in matters of faith [2:256].
  • We are free from sectarian prejudices [6:159]
  • We do not revile or criticize anyone’s beliefs [6:108].
  • We refrain from saying or suggesting what we do not do ourselves [61:
  • We provide an opinion on a subject only when it is founded upon
  • adequate knowledge and honest conviction [8:22].
  • We recognize the importance of collaborative decision making by
  • open, honest and respectful communication [42:38].
  • We aim to realize our vision by working together as teams [103:3 & 90:
  • We oppose gender-based discrimination [4:32].

This is no way an exhaustive list. As we grow we will continue revisiting the
core values to ensure that we incorporate values for every aspect of our
behavior and decision-making.