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Essays on Muslim
Essay 01: Muslim Community: the unifying theme of Quran
Essay 01: Muslim Community: the unifying theme of Quran (Part 2)
Essay 02: Community: our Vision
Essay 03: Success: our Mission by Syed Belal Yusuf
Essay 06 - Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): our Prophet and Messenger
Essay 07 : Prophet Abraham (PBUH): our Spiritual Father
Essay 09: Values: our Foundation
Essay 10: Rituals: our Social Bonds
Essay 12: Voluntary Spirit: our Tradition

External Sources
Basic Commitments of Muslims (by Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi )
Empowerment Through the Qur’an (By Liaquat Ali)
Good and Evil (by Amin Ahsan Islahi)
Jihad Explained (by Dr M.Amir Ali, Ph.D)
Jihad (by Dr Mohamed Elmasry)
Jihad (by Dr Tanveer Hussain)
Islam: The middle and the moderate path (from Pakistan Link)
Essays on Values

Essay 01: Religious tolerance
Essay 02: The Quran and the Honour of Human Beings
Essay 03: Patience

External Sources
Freedom Of Expression  By: Dr. Fathi Osman
Adjectivising Islam by Yasmin Amin (

Saif Manzoor
Tanveer Hussain
Tanveer Hussain
Principles/Themes in

Ad-deen and its relevance to Muslim Community
Five Tips to Study Quran
Goodness (Ihsaan)
Balance & Justice  (Meezan, Adl, Qist)
Struggle for Just Social Order (Jihad)

External Sources

Basic Concepts in Quran By: Dr Tanveer Hussain

Saif Manzoor
Syed Belal Yusuf
Parables in Quran
Parable 1: Garden on a Height
Parable 2: Grain of Corn
Parable 3: Blind Follower vs. A person who uses intellects
Parable 4: Goodly word is like a Goodly Tree
Parable 5: Guidance of the Scriptures
Words of Wisdom
Words of Wisdom: Successful People
The qualities God loves

External Sources
Forgiveness: A Gift to Ourselves (
Exploring the Inclusive Guidance of the Quran By Choudhury, Enamul
Book Reviews

Book Review – ‘Muhammad (PBUH) at Mecca’
Book Review – ‘Mawdudi & the making of Islamic revivalism’
Book Review – The Parables of the Quran
Book Review  - Leadership and Islamic Perspective
Book Review - Muhammad (PBUH) at Medina
Book Review - A Mirror to the Blind
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