Newsletter October  2006

Eid Mubarak!

Eid-ul-fitr—feast of breaking fast—marks the end of Ramadan and is a day of happiness and celebration for Muslims all over the world.

During Ramadan we focus on prayers and reciting the Holy Quran; which is our guide book in life. Do you think that an understanding will result merely by reciting the text? In reality the process of understanding and learning is much more complicated.

In this newsletter we will look at the different stages of learning and understanding and why using our intelligence is vital.

Process of Understanding

Understanding will not result merely from reading the text. To learn or understand a student has to go through its stages.

In this essay Ahmad Ibrahim explores the different stages of learning and understanding; questioning, conceptualizing, experimentation and consolidation.

Importance of using mind and being rational

In this essay Dr. Tanveer Hussain explores the Importance of using mind and being rational.

Parable of the Quran: Blind Follower vs.

A Person who uses intellects A person, who uses his intellects to judge, based on the principles of God, is on the right path and is rewarded accordingly. And the one, who blindly follows others, without understanding the principles, is like a slave.

In this essay, Saif Manzoor examines a parable from Quran, in which God tells us that blind followers are not equal to a person who uses intellects.

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Discussion: Rewards for those who reform themselves

Pursuit of Happiness

Covetousness, lust and gluttony cannot give us happiness or peace, because indulgence in these 'natural' passions creates discontent, discord, corruption, and conflict, which ultimately result in suffering for individuals and communities.

This is an excerpt from an essay by Akhtar Hameed Khan.

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