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Newsletter May 2006


I am pleased to inform you that our website is updated for May 2006.

In this update we have published the following essays submitted by our
members, readers and guests :

Music: a Gift from God

Music is a gift from God, for us to enjoy, without which our lives will be dull
and dry. A gift that was given to all mankind across the globe. A gift that
helped spread religions and became part of our rituals. A gift that makes our
lives colorful and bright.

In this article
Belal Yusuf examines the beauty and importance of Music in
our lives.

Salat: Understand its purpose

Do not perform ‘Salat’ merely as a ritual or as a mechanical exercise without
understanding a word of what you utter during ‘Salat’. You must obtain a
sound, profound and certain knowledge and understanding of what you have
to say during ‘Salat’.

In this article
Dr. Tanveer Hussain explains the importance of
understanding the real purpose of Salat.

Test your knowledge of Quran

Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said "The best of you is who has learnt and
then taught Quran". In the light of this saying it is mandatory upon all Muslims
to acquire the knowledge of Quran and also endeavour to convey its message
to humanity.

In this section we present some multiple choice question (MCQs) based on
our essays on different subjects of Quran.

Parable of the Quran: Garden on a Height

A parable is a narrative of imagined events used to illustrate or convey a
moral or spiritual lesson. Quran uses parables to convey its message. Quran
says “And these similitudes we put forward for humankind, but none will
understand them except those who have knowledge” (29:43)

In this essay
Saif Manzoor examines a famous parable from the Quran
about those who spend their wealth for humanity.

Book Review – Banker to the poor

Muhammad Yunus is the founder of "Grameen Bank" in Bangladesh and a
bona fide visionary. His dream is the total eradication of poverty from the
world. This is his autobiography. It tells the story of how he built a bank for the
poor and made it an economic success, despite the warnings of all the
economic pundits. This work is a fundamental rethink on the economic
relationship between the rich and the poor, their rights and their obligations.
The World Bank recently acknowledged that 'this business approach to the
alleviation of poverty has allowed millions of individuals to work their way out
of poverty with dignity'.

Your suggestions are always welcome. I sincerely hope these essays will
help all of us to better understand and share the wisdom of Quran and
Sunnah, beyond the sectarian, ethnic and boundaries.

Warm Regards,

Ahmad Ibrahim
[email protected]