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Newsletter March 2006


I am pleased to inform you that our website is updated for March 2006.

In this update we have published the following essays submitted by our
members, readers and guests :

Empowerment Through the Qur'an
In this essay Liaquat Ali examines how Quran empowers its followers with
the message from God which gives  the  ideas of freedom, equality, individual
struggle for the actualization of self, individual accountability, empathy,
forgiveness, inner peace and outer security.

In this essay Saif Manzoor examines the theme of Goodness or Ihsaan in
Quran. The essay explains that Ihsaan relates to those human qualities and
behavior, which are related to goodness and desired by God and its
importance can judged by the fact that God has expressed love for
Muhseneen in Quran, greater than any other human quality.

In this essay Ahmad Ibrahim examines the theme of Justice in Quran and
discusses why achieving a social balance with  justice and fairness is
important for the society.

Book Review – Muhammad (PBUH) at Medina

This book is written by W. Montgomery Watt. This is book is a sequel to his
earlier book  Muhammad (PBUH) at Mecca and these two books together
constitute a comprehensive history of the Life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
The author has examined a vast mass of scholarly discussion and in this
pioneering work he has attempted to answer many questions that have hardly
been raised in the past.

Your suggestions are always welcome. I sincerely hope these essays will
help all of us to better understand the wisdom of Quran and Sunnah.

Warm Regards,

Ahmad Ibrahim
[email protected]