Light (Noor): the Symbol of Guidance

The word “noor” means

  • Ray of light
  • Brightness
  • Gleam
  • Glow
  • Illumination

(Hans Wehr dictionary of modern Arabic)

In the Quran the word "noor" is used as a symbol of guidance; while darkness is used for ignorance and is the opposite of guidance. Prophets were sent with scriptures to lead their people from darkness to the Light. In the parable 'Guidance' Quran has beautifully presented the concept of guidance

The word “noor” is used in the following contexts in Quran:

What is Light?

  • God has created Light and darkness [6:1]
  • Light is a symbol for guidance from God [24:35]
  • Light is only from God [24:40, 33:43]
  • Guidance is the sense of right or wrong
  • Guidance is wisdom
  • Guidance is belief in and applying a set of principles to lead one’s life.

Source of Light (Guidance) is the scriptures:

  • The Quran is a manifest sign from God to lead people from darkness to Light [57:9, 65:11]
  • The Quran is the Light and a convincing proof from God to humankind [4:174, 42:52]
  • The Quran is the source of guidance and a plain book [5:15, 64:8]
  • In Torah is guidance and Light [5:44, 6:91,14:5]
  • The Gospel confirms Torah and in it is guidance and Light [5:46]
  • The Quran leads mankind from darkness to Light [14:1]

Light of Guidance is only for those who submit, believe and do good deeds:

  • God leads believers from darkness to Light. [2:257]
  • Those who submit to God, their hearts are opened to Light [39:22]
  • Those who believe and do good deeds will be led from darkness to Light [65:11]
  • Those who seek good pleasure of God and way of peace, God leads them from darkness to Light [5:16]
  • Those who are in darkness are not equal to those who are in Light [6: 122, 35:20]
  • The Light of believers runs forward before them on judgment day [57: 12, 57:19, 57:28]
  • God promises to complete his Light [61:8]

Disclaimer: Some interpretations of the Quran seek esoteric meanings for the concept of 'noor' which is not the purpose of this article. Esoteric means hidden or deeper knowledge or teachings that are possessed or understood only by a few.



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