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Forgiveness is essential for healing.

We all face situations in our lives, where we need to forgive. It is a difficult personal choice, but forgiveness liberates us from the effects of pain, hurt and all the negative emotions around a given situation. In essence, it gives us a new beginning.

In this update we present an essay on forgiveness and its perspective in Quran and Sunnah. It tells us that forgiveness is an act of goodness and God loves those who forgive.

Following are the new essays, articles and opinions submitted by our members and guests:


In this essay, Ahmad Ibrahim examines the theme of forgiveness in Quran and Sunnah of our Prophet. 


Its socio-economic implications As-Salat is the socio-economic foundation of Islam, in which, people not only refrain from lewdness, unseemly behavior and from indulging in anything forbidden by Allah but also expend their physical and financial resources for the welfare of others.

In this article Dr. Tanveer Hussain explains the importance socio-economic implications of As-Salat.

Parable of the Quran: Blighted Garden

A parable is a narrative of imagined events used to illustrate or convey a moral or spiritual lesson. Quran uses parables to convey its message. Quran says "And these similitudes we put forward for humankind, but none will understand them except those who have knowledge" (29:43)

In this essay, Saif Manzoor examines a parable from Quran, in which God has warned those people who do not share the bounties of God with the needy.

Book Review: Forgiveness for God

This book is authored by Dr. Fred Luskin. This book is very helpful for those of us who have had trouble with letting go of insults and injuries.

This is a review published with due acknowledgement to click here to read more


In this article N. Bhatti shares his thoughts about responsibilities of Muslims living in foreign countries click here to read more

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