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For a Muslim the greatest source of inspiration is the nature created by God. The purpose of this inspiration is to lead us to success, called falah in Arabic. Islam is aptly called the deen-e-fitrat──religion or system of nature.

In this newsletter we will look at the perspective of the Quran on nature as inspiration from God.

Falah: The concept of success in the Quran

Falah means to thrive, prosper, welfare, salvation and to be successful. In this article Dr. Tanveer Hussain examines the meanings of falah in the Quran.

The Inspiration of the Quran

In this essay Ahmad Ibrahim explores how the Quran presents nature as the prime sign and source of inspiration from the God with an objective to lead us to success.

Drawing from the wells of Inspiration

Inspiration is not something that spontaneously appears out of thin air, rather there are sources of inspiration. This essay examines the sources of inspiration we can draw from.

Parable of the Quran: Guidance of Scriptures

In this essay, Saif Manzoor examines a parable from Quran, in which God tells us how guidance from the scriptures illuminates the human heart. click here to read more

Attribute of Allah: Al-Mu’min

Allah is the real giver of security. Only by being faithful to Him can one feel truly secure and have no fear at all.

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