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Newsletter Jan 2006


I am pleased to inform you that our website (www.clearvisionpk.com ) is
updated for Jan 2006, according to our editorial calendar. In this update we
have published the following essays submitted by our members:

Ad-Deen and its relevance to our Community:

In this essay we discuss that Ad-Deen is not simply a set of rituals but a
system, based on the principles of Quran, which gives an opportunity to all
Muslims, individually and collectively as a community, for self-improvement

The Quran and honor of human beings:

God has honored the Children of Adam. In this essay we discuss that all
human beings must be treated with honor, respect and regard, without
distinction of any kind, such as the color of their skin, their race, line of
descent, social background, national origin, gender, age, language, religion,
political or other opinion, education, occupation, job, wealth, property or any
other status.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) – Our Messenger:

In this essay we have selected three significant achievements, out of many,
relating to three different aspects of his life: as a reformer he abolished
female infanticide in Arabia; as a strategist he planned and executed a
peaceful surrender of Mecca; and as a leader he laid the foundation of a
community which grew and prospered long after him.

Book Review – Parables in Quran:

In the book review we present the book ‘The Parable of the Quran’ by Prof.
Ahmad Hasan Qurashi.

Your suggestions always welcome. I sincerely hope these essays will help all
of us to better understand the wisdom of Quran and Sunnah.

Warm Regards,

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