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ClearVision Editorial Policy
Dated: 26 Nov 2005        

This editorial policy explains

•        How we select and review the content you see on our website,
•        How outside influences affect our Web site, and
•        How you may contact us to ask questions or comment on our Web site.

Editorial Policy Changes

As our editorial policy change in significant ways, we will make every effort to
notify you of the changes.  Minor changes to the policy may occur that will not
affect the overall goals this policy is designed to achieve.  When the policy
changes in a way that significantly affects the way we handle editorial
matters, we will clearly draw the attention of our users to the change. We will
post policy changes on our Web sites in a timely manner.

Editorial Policies

Following our vision and mission statement, our general editorial task is to
provide our members the most helpful resources in the form of
•        current perspectives,
•        update on our activities,
•        essays, articles, books and periodicals

These resources will help our members and guests to develop clarity on our
community perspective and motivate them to action.

Sources of Our Information

1.        We are a non-profit voluntary organization; therefore, we are run by
volunteers, who are responsible for content selection, development and
maintenance process.
2.        All materials on our Web site that we present as our own are created by
our members. For any content obtained from outside, we carefully evaluate
their editorial processes to ensure that they are acceptable.
3.        We always give credit to the original source and provide the source of
4.        Errors of fact are always promptly corrected and clearly published.

Linking to other sites

1.        We provide links to other Web sites. These links are not intended to
imply that we approve of or recommend these entities.
2.        Where we are making a recommendation, we clearly state that fact in
connection with the link.
3.        We design our Web sites with the goal of making it clear to you when
you are leaving our Web sites for another Web site, so that you will know that
another site's advertising, editorial policy, privacy policy, and terms of use are
in effect.

Use of Our Material  
1.        We have spent a great deal of our personal time, effort and money to
build and maintain this web site, including the content on it and the email
newsletters that we occasionally send out.  If you want to use any of our
material credit must be given to the author and this web site.  

2.        We ask you to obey the copyright laws and respect what we have done
by giving credit to us if you use some of our material.   
3.        If you quote or copy information, articles, directories or other content
from us, please make it clear that the source was www.clearvision.com.pk
and provide a link to our site.  

4.        If we have indicated the name of the writer, we ask you to include that
person's name and the source web site www.clearvision.com.pk, as well as a
link to that material and/or to our Home Page.  

5.        We do not charge for, nor restrict, the use of our material; we simply
ask for recognition.

We welcome any comments, questions, or complaints you have about this
editorial policy or our Web site. Please feel free to contact us by sending an
email to [email protected]