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The tradition of acquiring knowledge begins from our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). His constant prayer was:

“God! Grant me knowledge of the ultimate nature of things!”

This prayer is not only an expression of an intense desire for knowledge but a humble acceptance that all the knowledge is from God.

In this newsletter we will look at the perspective of the Quran on acquiring knowledge about the nature of the all the things around us.

The concept of knowledge in the Quran

Quran tells us that the real purpose of knowledge is in giving the students an understanding of the natural world around them, an appreciation and respect for the nature as a gift of God and a deep sense of responsibility that this knowledge must only be used for the benefit of humankind.

In this essay Ahmad Ibrahim explores the concept of acquiring knowledge in the Quran

Knowledge and Religious Experience

This is an excerpt from a lecture by Allama Mohammad Iqbal published in the book The Reconstruction of Religious Thoughts in Islam.

Iqbal observes that religion is not a departmental affair; it is neither mere thought, nor mere feeling, nor mere action; it is an expression of the whole man.

Economy and Pleasant Life

In this article Dr. Tanveer Hussain discusses the how knowledge (ilm), and reflective thinking (tafakkur) are important for sound economy and a pleasant life.

Parable of the Quran: Guidance of scriptures

In this essay, Saif Manzoor examines a parable from Quran, in which God tells us how guidance from the scriptures illuminates the human heart. click here to read more

Life of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan Any discussion on the education of Muslims of Pakistan or South Asia is incomplete without the mention of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. This is an excerpt from an essay by Akhtar Hameed Khan.

Book Review: Denizens of Alien Worlds

A Study of Education, Inequality and Polarization in Pakistan by Tariq Rahman.

Attribute of Allah: Al-Alim

Allah is the source of all the knowledge. One of His beautiful names is Al-Alim.

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